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America’s civil justice system, guaranteed by the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions, gives citizens a chance to fight for justice and hold careless individuals accountable. Although we cannot change the past, our firm utilizes all aspects of the civil justice system to balance the harms our clients have suffered by earning compensation for their losses.


Jury verdict for a woman left with permanent pain and disability after a student doctor cut through her bladder to deliver her baby.

$8 million

Recovery for an individual rendered quadriplegic after being pinned between a bus and a concrete abutment.

$2 million

Settlement for young man who fractured his neck at a concert due to the negligent placement of a pipe sticking out of the ground.

$5.7 million

Recovery for catastrophic birth injuries resulting in negligent administration of anesthesia.

$2.6 million

Recovery for the tragic deaths of two women in a recreational boating collision.


Jury verdict on behalf of a client who was violently stabbed while a customer in a department store. Department store employees had knowledge that an armed assailant was on the loose, but failed to notify customers or evacuate the building.


Settlement for a client who was rendered quadriplegic due to a defective roof.

$2.5 million

Settlement in a legal malpractice case against an attorney who failed to properly file papers with a United States agency, causing the plaintiff to lose a valuable license.

$2.4 million

Settlement for surviving spouse and two minor children of patient who was discharged from emergency room with life threatening infection.